1) You need to be 100% synced.
The blockchain is a distributed ledger that is recorded over time.
The first block mined on Syscoin 2.0 blockchain was on May 1, 2016.
Any recent blocks will be at the very end of the blockchain, so you will need to download the entire blockchain before your recent transaction shows up.

There is a progress bar on the front page:

Waiting to connect to peers means that it is currently looking for other nodes to connect to.  If this continues for longer than an hour, there is most likely an issue with:
a) Your ports are blocked by your ISP
b) Your ports are blocked by a firewall
c) Your ports are blocked by a virus scanner (Avast or Baidu  have been reported to do this)

#SOLUTION: Open these ports or make an exception in your virus scanner.

A wallet that is currently synchronizing will show the progress as shown above.

Do not turn off your computer, or go into sleep mode until this is complete or you may corrupt your data with an incomplete shutdown.

If your wallet stops syncing at this point, check for sufficient Hard Drive space.
At the time of this writing the Syscoin 2.0 blockchain is 800MB. You should have 3.5 GB free to run Blockmarket with no issues.

 A wallet that is successfully synced will show the progress bar as shown above.

Once your wallet is synced, your coins should appear.

2) If you have synced and your coins do not appear:

Copy your receiving address from the "receiving addresses" menu in Blockmarket and paste it into https://chainz.cryptoid.info/sys/

If your balance does not show up here, then it should be one of these issues:

a) The transaction has not been completed by the exchange
b) You are looking at the incorrect address

# SOLUTION: Contact the exchange and confirm the address