Backup your old wallet.dat

Delete all old Syscoin files (both the main application and data folder) except the wallet.dat

Empty your recycle bin

Download and run Syscoin 2.(x), you should now have your balance on a non-hd wallet

Go to Options/Wallet and check the "enable coin control features"

Go to send tab, click on the "inputs..." button

This will open a page with all your addresses, copy them all somewhere

Go to console help/debug window

Type "dumpprivkey XXXXXXXXXXX" without the quotes, replacing XXXXXXXXXXX your first address

Record that private key somewhere (don't loose it or let anyone see it!)

Do the same thing for each address you recorded on the "inputs..." screen

Now, backup your wallet.dat and delete everything from your %appdata%/syscoin folder, restart syscoin.exe

this will create a brand new wallet.

New wallet:

Go to console

Enter "importprivkey XXXXXXXXXXX", without the quotes and this time XXXXXXXXXXX means the private keys you recorded earlier

Do that for each address that you recorded, and voila your coins should be in your new wallet.