Purchasing an item using directBTC on the Syscoin Marketplace allows buyers to enjoy the marketplace with zero need to purchase Syscoin. Locate the item you wish to purchase and proceed through the normal purchase flow.

After entering your details click “Accept Offer” as you would with any item. Rather than seeing the normal purchase dialog which gives you the option to use Syscoin’s Escrow service you will see a dialog prompting you to send BTC to the merchant’s Bitcoin address. This Bitcoin address is actually contained within the merchant’s Syscoin wallet.
You can either scan the QR code to make payment using a mobile device or click “Open BTC Wallet” to complete the payment using a locally installed Bitcoin wallet. Once the Bitcoin payment is complete copy and paste the Bitcoin transaction id into the Syscoin “Offer Accept” dialog and click “Check Payment”. You will need a few seconds until your Bitcoin payment has been relayed by the Bitcoin network, and then you will be presented with a dialog confirming that your payment was detected on the Bitcoin blockchain. Your purchase is now complete! Sit back, relax, and wait for the merchant to deliver your item.