Syscoin’s Affiliate system allows for complex reselling structures. The option for an item to be resold or not is entirely on the root seller. If the root seller chooses to enable reselling they have many options in terms of who can resell, and at what price. Reselling can greatly extend the reach of one’s sales.

Open the “Manage Affiliates” dialog by selecting the desired item and click the “Manage Affiliates” button. Reselling is OFF by default (Exclusive Mode ON with no whitelist entries).

Click the “Add” button for each of the reseller you want to add. In the “Add Affiliate” dialog populate the alias you want to enable as a reseller and the discount level you want that alias to receive (good for wholesale situations). Click “Ok” to complete adding the affiliate.

The “Manage Affiliates” dialog is the one stop shop for managing all affiliate capabilities on a per-item basis.