Converting Syscoin 1.0 to 2.0 is very easy. Only Syscoin balances before the Syscoin 2.0 launch cutoff of April 30th, 2016 at 10am US/PST will be honored. If your coins were on an exchange, they have been auto-converted. Close your Syscoin 1.x wallet. Backup your Syscoin 1.x wallet by navigating to the Syscoin data directory located here on windows and here on mac and make a copy of your wallet.dat file to a different, safe location. Delete ALL files in your Syscoin data directory except for your original wallet.dat. Now run the Syscoin 2.0 wallet and wait for it to sync with the Syscoin network. Your balance in the new wallet should reflect your balance in the Syscoin 1.x wallet. It is recommended that after this procedure is complete you create another backup of your wallet.dat retain both backups. Delete the old Syscoin 1.x wallet application from your system (or uninstall if you used the installer on Windows). Running the Syscoin 1.x wallet on top of Syscoin 2.x after conversion may lead to data corruption.